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David Yeheskel, whom worked for more than 60 years in the field in Israel, Died in 2012, at the age of 95.

David was born in Baghdad, Iraq, where he obtained his degree – he presented each exam in 4 different languages English, French, Hebrew and Arabic.

He graduated in 1936, began studying the profession of customs brokerage and was ordained by the British government that ruled at the time.

Baghdad was an industry trade center and the transfer of goods between countries region was done through the customs authorities hence the brokerage industry it was feverishly.

When David immigrated to Israel in 1951, it was natural the he would continue in his profession – all activities were under the full control of the customs tariff and Brussels terms.

Working in those days involved many difficulties, the ships were anchored outside the port and the merchandises arrived by Barge for unloading into the warehouses, every shipping that arrived required a physical inspection, accompanied by a customs' Inspector; after the check the customs record was printed –doing all the mathematics by hard, David had to be very thoughtful, analytic and of course FAST.

Over the years, his sons joined the company, the scope of work increased and the "David Yeheskel & Sons Customs Agents" expanded to a group of companies that to this day dominates all type of logistics services and supply chain activities in Israel an in the world.

We salute David Yeheskel, that form the "dawn" of his youth until his last days as President of the Group, worked feverishly and tirelessly.

He did not miss a single day of work, keeping his, efficiency and diligence that the younger generations can learn and be proud of.

For the preservation of his heritage, the commemoration of his memory and his legacy –his sons and the members of the group, walk in his path by pleasantness and being human beings above all.

A Synagogue ' Psalm for David" was erected in this memory at the Veritas Group, H.Q,

God rest his soul in peace.