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Shaar Olami

Shaar Olami

Shaar Olami, is a relatively new IT system created by the Israeli customs in order to bettering their services and easing the entering process of merchandise to Israel.

Besides the above, the system was created to supervise the foreign trade, simplified the processes, make the trade more efficient, save time & Money all these with full transparency and easy access.

It is an advanced IT program that exchange information and documentation via the web hence paperless.

The system provides, easy access and availability to several centers of information and creating (for the first time) one main data-base that connects between with all relevant participants on the foreign trade.

The new program is responsible for saving the trade information and documentation for a period of 7 years as stated by law.

Due all the above, Veritas 'group advise/guide to their clients to sign-in on the LOGBOX website (via port2port) that enables them to search any documentation, fast and reliable from the customs' archive.