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Importer's Digital Management and Storage System

Importer's Digital Management and Storage System

Veritas group, launched a smart digital documents archive for managing foreign trade and accounting documentation adapted to the customs" objectively" New system "Shaar Olami ", which is a perfect tool for the importer to managing the array of import portfolios.

The system is an advanced online tool that enables direct communication on spot, with the customs on their system (Shaar Olami) without previous special preparation on the importer's side.

As stated, the system is simple to operate via the browser and includes, as an option, advanced digital signature.

 The LOGBOX system is synchronized with UNIFREIGHT (Veritas 'system), allowing the importer using the direct line, save time spend and complicated procedures.  

Following the entry to the "customs -Shaar Olami system " the import is obliged to keep the original documentation in the digital archive and to sign 3
Types of Documents:
  •   Trade "preference: documentation: (EG: EURO1)
  •   Supplier Invoices 
  •   Packing list
In resume, the system provides the importer with an optimal solution that provides him with: transparency and accessibility- all in one environment.