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Importer's Reform-APPROVED

Importer's Reform-APPROVED

13.11.21 / 19:59
Importer's Reform-APPROVED
Importer's Reform-APPROVED
The Ministerial Committee of Legislation approved the import reform. That in turn was approved by the Ministry of Economics and industry In cooperation with the Ministry of Finance.

 Orna Barbibai- (Economic Ministry): 'We are working to open the markets, remove barriers and create competition for a variety of products Without compromising on safety' 

As part of the amendments to the legislation, approved the reform which allows, the transfer of imported products, (that nowadays required approvals from the Institute of Standards- testing laboratories) with importer's declaration ONLY.

 The reform will save importers testing process in terms of cost and time, moreover, will allow the products to enter the country under a legal obligation(declaration) issued by the importers that: 'the products that enters Israel meet all the relevant requirements and it does not endanger the consumers.

The reform will, strengthening the enforcement of the Institute of Standards administration in the Ministry of Economy & Industry, so that the supervision activities at the markets for the products will be increased.

 Those importers and marketers, who will be found to have imported products that do not meet the required standards (despite the declaration they signed) will be subject to sanctions, administrative or/and criminal or/and financial.

Indictments will be filed and the definition of IMPORTER BREACH OF TRUST will be associated with the importer in question. 

 The Minister of Economy and Industry added –the goal is promoting the reduction of regulatory burden on business, whilst safeguarding the public interest by ensuring the safety and health of the citizens, she expects as well that the savings as result of the reform will be reflected on the products consumers' price.

Among the products that will introduces in the reform are: electrical products, electronics, household, leisure and sports.

 The amendments of the legislation will be submitted to the Knesset for approval in the framework of State Budget Law.

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